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NYC NORML is a 501(c)4  chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), founded in April 2019 – with the goal to coalesce the NYC cannabis consumer community into a collective voice. As a birth child of “Empire State NORML” and various founding members inspired by the late cannabis policy legend Doug Greene, its aim was to instill a grassroots approach to the five boroughs, understanding and representing a very diverse set of consumer needs.

New York City is debate-ably the most internationally diverse city in the world, with residents comprising almost every culture and background – and has simultaneously been dubbed the “largest cannabis consuming city” worldwide (based on this 2018 study). The same study found that the current legacy market is debate-ably the largest in the globe, overshadowing other legal commercialized market metropolises in the US and abroad.

New York City specific strains, infused dining, delivery, consumption lounges and legendary breeders are all a part of an existing ecosystem in the midst of illegality. Like a rose from the concrete, New York legalization must comprise ethics of breaking free from prior constraints to re-beautify our communities. A mysterious hidden world exists beyond what market analysts and an industry eye is able to see, but NORML for the existing local consumer population.

For many, this culture is sourced in positivity, unity and community – though illegality and draconian policies created archetypes for over-policing and harassment towards communities of color and various class constructs alike. The rich NYC history behind cannabis advocacy still breathes deeply in the essence of civic passion and prowess – for this we must stand together. 

To that, we want to empower you, the consumer…no matter the income, the cultural background or level of familiarity – this is about everyone making a change – to engage New York City Culture, to own the international stage it has always influenced, and set the tone towards the plant’s’ unifying nature going forward. 

What we locally represent, advocate and change in this city, will grow and inspire the future tone of our species’ relationship with cannabis use.

We encourage consumers to join the movement they already live and breath, to voice their concerns, critiques, solutions and intellect to the betterment of their own personal well-being and every New Yorker alike – thank you for your interest, we hope you enjoy the future NORMLacy of cannabis use.





Executive Director, Board of Directors

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